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Dying St. Bernard Plays In Snow One Last Time, Has The Time Of Her Life

One dog’s final moments were spent doing what she loved. 

Sophia the St. Bernard was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer about two months ago and her owner, Alyson Paige, wanted the pooch to have one last amazing experience. So just before Sophia, who loves snow, was to be put down, Paige brought her to Chill Factore, an indoor snow center in Manchester, U.K., where she was able to romp around in the powder one last time.

The precious experience was caught on camera and shared on YouTube by the Press Association on Wednesday. We warn you — the footage will send you into tears. 

“She hasn’t shown any interest in anything for a good couple of weeks now,” Paige says in the video of her furry friend. “So just to see her with a waggle of tail and diving around in the snow — it’s just been amazing. … It’s just been a wonderful end for her.” 

Watch as the pooch looks like the happiest pup in the world, frolicking in her own winter wonderland and rolling around in the snow. 

Paige explains in the video that Sophia had been with her for a long time and was a big support for the owner when she was dealing with infertility issues. The owner said she wanted to return the love and wished to arrange a special experience for her dog. She sent an email to Chill Factore and says it was a nice surprise to hear she was able to bring Sophia for a memorable experience. 

“I can’t even begin to say how much we’re going to miss her,” Paige says of Sophia. “It’s made me happy knowing she’s had such a wonderful day today.” 

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